pub trait WasmValTypeListwhere
    Self: Sized,
{ type Array: AsMut<[i128]>; fn wasm_types() -> &'static [ValType]; }
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Describes the mapping of a tuple of Rust types to Wasm types.

use wasmedge_sdk::{FuncRef, types::ExternRef, ValType, WasmValTypeList};

     <(i32, i64, f32, f64, FuncRef, ExternRef)>::wasm_types(),
     [ValType::I32, ValType::I64, ValType::F32, ValType::F64, ValType::FuncRef, ValType::ExternRef]

Required Associated Types§

The array type that can hold all the represented values.

Note that all values are stored in their binary form.

Required Methods§

Get the Wasm types for the tuple (list) of currently represented values.

Implementations on Foreign Types§